Action Research
Exploring the dynamics of innovation, scale and clean energy clusters

Scaling up low emissions

The Acceleratenergy research, funded by the Australian Research Council, is developing and testing theories to explain how low emissions innovation can be scaled up, and why some innovations are more successful than others.

We're exploring the building blocks of a successful clean energy innovation ecosystem – where incubators and accelerators are vital players in fostering low carbon innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization.

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Research Process
In Person
Invite only, D-School style workshops with industry leaders
On line
Delphi research to highlight the issues most salient to your needs

A network of incubators and accelerators in Australia, the US and EU
Knowledge transfer to solve the world's most pressing energy issue


A workshop for clean energy accelerators, incubators, investors and entrepreneurs
The Delphi technique enables time poor but highly engaged experts and specialists to interact with each other through an online methodology to generate new ideas.

The Acceleratenergy Delphi complements face-to-face workshops by generating core ideas and facilitating consensus among individuals who have specialised knowledge to share, but who are not always in contact with each other. The Delphi study will carefully select individuals who have essential knowledge and experience to help analyse the problem of clean energy entrepreneurship.

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