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Acceleratenergy Network Event
Thursday, 16th of February 2017 @ EnergyLab, UTS Sydney
4:30-6:00pm followed by networking drinks
Australia has failed its clean energy entrepreneurs. But it's changing; here's why and how.
Join us at an intimate networking event for the launch of the Acceleratenergy White Paper and a high-level panel of speakers.

A clean energy ecosystem is emerging in Australia but how can we ignite connections to bypass a struggling policy landscape?

Join industry, government and academic experts to hear thought-provoking, leading edge thinking on Australia's position and what can be done in the rapidly changing international landscape to accelerate clean energy leadership. We'll discuss key trends, opportunities, and what we can expect from 2017.

Come along to join a high-level panel discussion and Q&A, followed by networking drinks.

Please note that this event is by invitation only.

OCTOBER 13 & 14, 2016
Acceleratenergy Australia Workshop

A workshop for clean energy accelerators, incubators, investors
and entrepreneurs.

Join us and ignite a clean energy future for Australia.
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