Accelerating clean energy entrepreneurship in Australia
What is Acceleratenergy?
Acceleratenergy is a network, convening platform, and research agenda that connects incubators and accelerators, and their entrepreneurs, working on clean energy in Australia.

By providing valuable market information and facilitating idea exchange, we're raising the profile of the clean energy entrepreneurship space in Australia to potential investors, and leading research to scale up clean energy innovations into the mainstream.
Drawing together experts in engineering, marketing, business modelling and finance, across incubators, research institutes, and clusters.
Industry-relevant research
Action research dedicated to the challenges and opportunities in clean technology, and investigating what it takes to build an innovation ecosystem.
Global networks
From Australia to the UK, and California to India, we're fostering a global network to share insights, processes, and stories to build a clean energy future.
Why Clean Energy?
To keep the world within safe climate limits, we need to peak our global emissions by 2020 and reduce emissions rapidly after that.

Current investment in renewable energy deployment will not achieve this. Instead, we need a rapid-iteration innovation ecosystem that allows clean energy entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into reality.

Acceleratenergy is aiming over the horizon, harnessing entrepreneurship to turn Australia's incredible land, wind and sunlight into a clean energy superforce.

dollars per year needed for clean energy innovation
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potential of entrepreneurship to tackle climate change
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